Maggie Ayres

About Maggie

As a mixed media artist, my practice is continually evolving as I discover and explore working with new techniques and materials, ever focused on expressing texture, line and light.

An idea for a project grows from a flash of connection.

It seems to pervade my thoughts, writings, observations and then into making work. I can immerse myself in a concept for a very long time, trying to resolve it visually. It is like trying to scratch an itch pervading my bones…

Words take on added significance too and I find that writing contributes to the flow of working. Titles are hugely important to my process and are nearly always there before I begin making.

Mark making is key to the way I work; ink, graphite, paint, scratching through layers and abrading the surface.

Inevitably as we live, we leave evidence of our presence. Marks remaining bear witness to our being and tell abstract stories of our lives.

My work is about these stories made visual that connect and unify us in the world.

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